PRODUCT TEST: Optimum Poli-Seal

Optimum Poli-Seal

Poli-Seal is a AIO (All-in-One) product by Optimum Polymer Technologies (OPT) out of Memphis, Tennessee.  Being a AIO product, it states to “Clean, Polish, and Protect”.  AIOs, like  OPT’s Poli-Seal, are great becuase they are one single step.

Although, because they are single step, many AIOs do not provide result remotely close to what separate cleaners/polishes, glazes, and sealants can provide.  One the things that makes Poli-Seal different than AIO’s like Klasse All-In-One is, Poli-Seal has micro  abrasives in it that actually remove surface defects and micro-marring, instead of just hiding them.

I am going to get into the difference between diminishing abrasives and micro abrasives in a future post, but the key point to know in this case is that micro abrasives are extremely small (between your fingers Poli-Seal is very smooth, not gritty).  This makes Poli-Seal very easy to work with and prevents holograms like you can get with most diminishing abrasive polishing compounds.

To test Poli-Seal, first, I wiped down a fender of a decently swirled fender with Optimum’s No Rinse Wash & Shine.

Here is the fender we are going to work on post-wash:

Significant swirls we will remove with Optimum Poli-Seal

As you can see, the micro-marring is pretty bad.

I continued to tape of a section of the fender with 3m green masking tape.

Here is a close-up of the exact section I will be working on:

Micro-marring to be removed with Poli-Seal

So I got to work.  I used a rotary polisher with an Autoality CCS Foam Pad (There was a lot less Poli-Seal on the pad then there look in the first picture).  About 1200rpm, with slow overlapping passes, Poli-Seal performed very well.

With the tape off you can see an accurate before and after:

Poli-Seal before and after

Here is another, closer at an angle:

Poli-Seal before and after

The pictures speak for themselves.

I have also used Poli-Seal by hand with very good results.  Of course, it isn’t as fast by hand, but if you don’t have a machine polisher, it is still doable.  As you can see, it finishes very nice.  The only difference between these sides is Poli-Seal,  at this point,I had not applied any type of LSP (last step product).

Being that Poli-Seal has a wax/sealant in it, a LSP isn’t needed, but I ended up finishing it off with a quick spray of Optimum Car Wax.

My Opinion:

Poli-Seal, just like every other Optimum product I’ve ever used, is a great product.  Being an AIO, it isn’t for everyone or every situation (deeper scratches), and it doesn’t replace a a good multi-step polish system.

However, I think anyone, from the weekend car washer, to the fanatical enthusiast can find good use for Poli-Seal.

One thing I dislike HATE about Poli-Seal:  The 32oz bottle has a tiny orifice (~2mm) which makes it hard to squeeze a relatively thick product out of.

*****Although Poli-Seal is not currently listed on out website, it is available in both of our stores and (just like everything we carry) can be ordered over the phone. It will be up on our website very soon.******

-Nick D

Nick can be reached via email (, or by calling Autoality’s Ross Park Mall store (412-367-2667).

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  1. Tom says:

    One thing I think that is worth mentioning is the ability to mix Optimum products together. Optimum polish can be added to Poli-Seal to add some cut if need be, to increase its usefulness at the expense of some protection. To counter the effects of the mix, finish with Opti-seal after the Poli-seal has cured.

  2. admin says:

    Great point, Tom!

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